Mar 7, 2011

A Trip to Pillayarpatti and Kundrakudi

My wife and myself had been to my hometown  - Arimalam (A small town/village in Tamil Nadu). During this trip, we had also visited two of these temples - Pillayarpatti, a ganesha temple and Kundrakudi, a Murugan (Kartik) temple.

These two temples are located within 3 kms of each other - so one can easily plan to visit them both. These temples are located around 15kms away from Karaikudi - the nearest city, where one can find decent accommodation. We first went to Kundrakudi, the murugan temple. This temple is located on a small hill - with well laid steps to reach the top. This is a cave temple - believed to be built by 1000 AD (I have not found any solid information on this, other than some boards in the temple). The temple was renovated and patronised by Marudhu Pandiar - two local chieftain brothers, who are famous for their brave resistance against the British. Their statues are also located at multiple places in the temple.
KundraKudi Temple Mantapam - Vectronama
KundraKudi Temple Mantapam - HDR Vectronama

Sunset viewed from the stairs leading up to Kundrakudi temple (HDR) - an abandoned looking temple 
After Kundra kudi, we went to PillayarPatti. Karpaga vinayagar temple at Pillayarpatti is much more famous than Kundrakudi - and one of the most important temples in the chettinad area. This temple has a big pond in front of it, which helps photography :)

HDR - View of the Pillayarpatti temple pond viewed from the temple entrance
Pillayarpatti temple and tank - Panoramic HDR
Pillayarpatti temple and tank - Panoramic HDR

This temple is also an ancient rock cut temple (carved out of a hillock). The vinayaga deity is dated to be from 4th Century AD.
HDR - A Panoramic view of the pillayarpatti temple and the pond at night

Pillayarpatti temple at night - gopuras reflected in the temple pond

There are a lot of cows here, who have trained themselves to come close and sniff at you - so that you feed them bananas. This one here was not leaving my wife alone, even after she got on board the car and closed the door :)
A persistent Cow trying to get another banana from us
Visiting Pillayarpatti and Kundrakudi from Bangalore
From Bangalore the most common route is : Bangalore-Salem-Namakkal-Musiri-Trichy-Pudukkottai-Karaikudi-Kundrakudi-Pillayarpatti. The distance is around 450Kms.
Route map from Bangalore to Pillayarpatti and Kundrakudi

One may have to stay for a night at Karaikudi (which is around 15 Kms from Pillayarpatti). Karaikudi has some decent accommodation options. Other option is to stay at Trichy (which is around 100 Kms from Pillayarpatti) - though its farther, the accommodation options are certainly better and there are other places of interest in the vicinity.