Dec 20, 2010

My road trip from Bangalore to Palolem (South Goa)

Me and my wife went on a road trip recently from Bangalore all the way up to Palolem (south Goa). I'll write a few posts about this trip. The route that we took for our onward journey: Bangalore –Belur – Halebidu – Chikmagalur – Jog Falls – Gokarna – Karwar – Palolem. We stayed at Belur (2 days), Chikmagalur (2 days), Jog falls (1 day), Gokarna (1 day) and Karwar (2 days). 
Onward Trip - Click here for the interactive google map of the route
The return trip was through a different route Palolem - Karwar – Hubli – Chitradurga – Bangalore. The trip spanned over 9 days and a total distance of around 1500 Kms.
The road condition is OK in the onward route and excellent in the return – NH4 (route through Hubli) is just perfect for cruising at good speeds. I had bought a long time wish-list item just before the trip – MapMyIndia maps and navigation software for my Nokia 5800. It proved very very helpful. It has put me on the correct roads almost all the time. I was driving my Chevrolet Aveo sedan, which in my opinion did exceedingly well in all road conditions.

These are some photos from the trip..

View of Belur temple gopura from inside the temple at dusk

Amazing sculpted temple at Halebidu

View of the Halebidu temple from the gardens

Symbol / Embelem of Chalukyan Empire - Chennakeshava temple, Belur
Symbol of the Chalukyan empire, Chennakeshava temple, Belur

Narasimha carving on the wall of ChennaKeshava temple, Belur
Narasimha carving on the wall of chennakeshava temple at Belur

Hunkal woods - a coffee estate resort that we stayed near chikmagalur

Hunkal Woods, A bungalow inside a coffee estate near Chikmagalur - We stayed here

Tree house at Hunkal Woods

Our guide walking ahead of us in the coffee estate
Jog Falls

Sunrise at Om beach, Gokarna
Sunrise at Gokarna beach - HDR

Sunset at Om beach, Gokarna
Sunset at Om beach, Gokarna - HDR

Stay at the rain forest themed resort at Karwar

Kayaking in the backwaters of Kali river at Karwar - that's me, kayaking :)

Palolem beach market

Palolem beach, Goa

Posts about individual legs of this trip :

Hopefully, overcoming my laziness, I'll write more about the individual legs of travel and about the places that I stayed.